Ion Foot Bath and Foot Massage



Ion Foot Bath

  • What to expect from a Ion Foot Bath
  • Ion foot bath is a natural way to detox the body and heal what ails the body from purification of the blood. Ion foot bath will help you regain natural deep sleep. A new client will be given an intake form to fill out so please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Ion Foot Bath is not recommended if there are symptoms of heart disease, if the patient is under 18 years of age without parental consent, or if someone is pregnant.

    The session will last approx 30 minutes. It is recommeneded that the patient have at least 3 treatments within the first 2 weeks and once a month after that to maintain the level of detox.

    We start with simple tap water and just a pinch of epson salts which is a catylst for the electrodes in the water. The water will soon appear muddy and have various different colors based on the toxins that are removed from the body. A therapist will show you a card that will tell you what each of the colors in the water represent.

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