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Paraffin Wax Treatments, Paraffin Wax Therapy

  • What to expect from paraffin wax therapy or treatment.
  • Paraffin wax therapy or paraffin wax treatments help smooth ruff skin and alievate pain from sore and tender spots in the body. It can be used primarily on the hands and feet. Those with arthritis pain can benefit from treatments which will loosen up the joints and releve pain.

    The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes. This is a great addition to a full body massage or aromatherapy treatment. Ask your therapist for more information.

    Paraffin Facial includes a paraffin wax mask used to re-hydrate the skin and bring tired skin back to life. This facial will leave your skin feeling silky smooth for days after the treatment. Smokers are also prone to severe de-hydration of the skin so this facial is the best at rejuvinating the skin.

    This special paraffin mask is applied over a layer of gauze on the face to help add hydration to dry skins. Paraffin aids in absorption of products and gives a radiant glow to the skin post treatment. During this treatment, the warm paraffin helps to increase blood supply to the treated area and the moisture is drawn from underlying skin layers and rises to the skinís surface where it is mixed with the product applied, the moisture cannot escape because paraffin causes a vacuum sealer. The moisture is infused back into the skin and rejuvenates hydrates and nourishes the skin.

    A paraffin facial mask is great to hydrate the skin after a gylcolic peel series making the skin glow for days after the treatment.

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