Daytona Salt Scrubs



Salt scrub, Salt Glows

  • What to expect from a Salt Scrub or Salt Glow Treatment
  • Salt Scrubs can be combined with other treatments of massage as an added bonus. Salt scrubs are similiar to swedish massage with one major exception that they use salt usually dead sea salts to exfoliate the skin.

    They start with a hot towel to loose up the muscles and tissues of the back and legs. It also removes any top layers of oil and dirt. Then a light refreshing oil is applied to the skin to prepare it for exfoliation. The dead sea salts are then mixed with some type of aroma and oil mixture. Then it is applied to the skin in a pattern that mimicks swedish massage strokes with light pressure. This is usually done in one area of the body for approx 10 minutes. The massage therapist will then continue to cover the whole body leaving the mixture on the skin to soak in as much nutrients that it posibly can. Once the salt scrub has been applied to the whole area being treated it is then rinsed off with warm water.

    What is left is a new layer of upper skin or epidermis which will be very smooth and tender to the touch. If you have ever had this treament done it leaves you feeling very silky smooth to the touch.

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